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DARDOS PET Preform Injection Molding Systems

01. Injection Unit

• DARDOS adopts a two-stage injection structure which separates the plasticization and injection functions into two parts. This offers great advantage in processing PET over the traditional single-stage structure.

• Plasticization and injection are totally independent. Both functions can operate simultaneously and thus shorten production cycle and speed up production.

• By extending the plasticizing time and lowering the screw RPM, the system manages to reduce IV drop and AA level.

• Precisely controll injection volume and packing process to stabilize perform quality.

02. Clamping Unit

• The S-series clamping unit uses hydraulic locking cylinders to easily secure molds, ensuring flexible design, uniform force distribution, and stable locking. 

• Customized MOOG hydraulic valves provide high-precision servo control for energy efficiency. 

• Clamping action are controlled by the high-performance BECKHOFF system, with customized  MOOG valve driving cylinders directly for rapid and precise clamping.

• The wide tie-bars space accommodates various molds, providing greater flexibility and versatility.

• An integrated linear position sensor simultaneously measures clamping, ejection, and adjustment. This provides convenient and accurate monitoring and control, enhancing production precision and stability.

03. Hydraulic System

• Utilizing an intelligent valve-controlled hydraulic system, the hydraulic pump injects pressure oil into the accumulator, ensuring stable oil pressure for the system. Functional valves precisely regulate oil quantity and pressure in the cylinders as needed for action, ensuring speed, stability, and precision.

• Pressure is adjusted through a control valve based on modes, with a range of 155bar to 175bar for normal use and 50bar for mold adjustments.

• We use top international brand hydraulic components for quality, stability, and longevity.

04. Control Unit

• Beckhoff PC based industrial computer ensures nanosecond grade control and extremely fast response.
• Close to end power cabinets for problem free connection.
• EtherCAT cable links up the different parts with high speed and error free signal transmission.
• SPC function with instant graph for injection and clamping speed and pressure.
• Fully integrated machine, mold and take out robot control program specially developed for PET injection operation.

05. Product Handling

• The extraction device adopts a side-entry design, driven by dual servo motors to ensure swift in-and-out motions.

• 4 positions take off plate with water cooling system to minimize cycle time.

• The high-performance SIEMENS S120 series servo motor drive system is seamlessly connected to the BECKHOFF control system via Ether CAT communication, enabling more flexible and simplified operation and control.

06. Preform Mold

• From 48 to 144 cavity with hourly output up to 80,000 preforms.

• Neck finishes include 1881, 2925, 3025, 1810, PCF38, PCF48 etc.

• Various mold configuration from 4(H) x 12(V) to 8(H) x 18(V) with pitch from 50 x 120 to 60 x 140 to fit for all brand of PET systems.

• Valve stem hot runner with heating fully integrated with the machine control.

• Special coating on neck rings to reduce wear and tear.

07. Hot Half Mold

• Naturally balanced melt distribution channel for consistent preform quality from each cavity.

• Individual heater for each nozzle with PIPP control  allows fine tuning for  each cavity. This extends lifespan and reduces maintenance costs and frequency.

• All injection nozzle parts are sourced from prominent overseas suppliers.

• Ultimate valve piston design to minimize dust from the production operation.

• Springs eliminate cold gaps during cooling, extending lifespan and preventing dust interference. They also prevent material leakage due to thermal expansion, reducing the risk of damage.

08. Cold Half Mold

Key parts are fully heat-treated to enhance part life.

• All parts are precisely machined with minimum tolerance. All parts are interchangeable.

• Ultimate cooling  channel design  to ensure each and every cavity  thoroughly cooled to shorten cycle.

• Every production process is controlled  with records and reports  and can be traced if needed.

• Our full-process quality control ensures high standards in mold manufacturing, and important mold parts are fully inspected to ensure consistent quality. In addition, we insist on using imported materials for plating to extend the service life of mold parts.  

• Abundant standard spare parts readily available to be ordered.
• Service engineers to be dispatched within 24 hours from  customers’ request.
• Internet connection combined with  AR technology enable online analysis and offsite  problem solving.
• From operator to engineer level training courses.
• Added value services such as preform development, machine overhauling and retrofit, plant layout planning, bottle blowing and even beverage filling are available.

Auxiliary equipment plays a crucial role in the successful production of PET preforms. We also provide a complete system, including PET resin dryer, dehumidification unit, industrial chiller, and softdrop machine.